08 febrero 2011

Sidney Gamble, China entre 1917 y 1932

Fuente: A Changing China through Photos (Flickr's Album)
Excelente site y colección de imágenes en alta resolución. De navegación fácil organiza toda la información en etiquetas, Provincias y Países -China (3514), Japan (168), Russia (73) y Korea (63)-. Completo menú de navegación y excelente información.
Fuente: Archive of Documentary Arts, Duke University.
From 1908 to 1932, Sidney Gamble (1890-1968) visited China four times, traveling throughout the country to collect data for social-economic surveys and to photograph urban and rural life, public events, architecture, religious statuary, and the countryside. A sociologist, renowned China scholar, and avid amateur photographer, Gamble used some of the pictures to illustrate his monographs. (Sidney D. Gamble Photographs, Archive of Documentary Arts, Duke University)

Peregrinaje a Miao Feng Shan (Marvelous Peak Mountain)
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